Things You Need To Know About Wire Rope Lubrication

Have you been looking for an excellent wire rope lubricant for a long time without success? Then this article is for you. Lubricating wire rope helps in improving its performance and enhance durability. This article shall discuss some of the essential things you need to know about wire rope lubrication. Those things include;

  1. What is wire rope lubrication?
  2. How does lubricant work?
  3. Why are wire rope lubricants essential?
  4. tips on how to use lubricant properly

What is wire rope lubrication?

It is applying a thin film of lubricant to the wire ropes’ outer surface to reduce friction between the wire ropes and the equipment they are working with. If you work on a construction site and one of your projects involves erecting an overhead crane or hoisting a heavy load, lubrication will improve both the speed and the efficiency with which you can accomplish your job.

How does lubricant work?

Besides reducing friction, a thin film of lubricant allows the ropes to slide easily past each other and prevents the rope surface’s oxidization, which helps prevent corrosion. The lubricants are usually applied by dipping, brushing or spraying the lubricant onto the rope.

Why are lubricants necessary?

The lubricant migrates to the area where the most friction occurs and forms a very thin film between the rope and that surface. This film of lubricant reduces friction and increases performance.

Tips on how to use wire rope lubricant properly

The lubricant used should be a non-synthetic type, and it should be food grade for the lubricant to be compatible with human consumption. Here are some common food-grade materials used in lubricants:

Mineral oil polyethene glycol French fry grease vegetable oil, lard tri-mix grease; however, not all food-grade lubricants are created equal.


In conclusion, lubricating wire rope will improve both the speed and the efficiency with which you can accomplish your job. Lubricating is an inexpensive, easy way to increase your equipment’s life and maintain maximum efficiency dramatically. Wire rope lubrication is so crucial that many contractors use it as their primary means of preventing rope failure. So, do your part and lubricate those wire ropes!